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Regency love

JD | 25 September 2016, 6:45am

Have you wondered how life would be if you were transported to a different place, a different time? Outlander anyone? I for one am crazy about the regency period- I must have read hundreds of books (mostly romance- I am such a hopeless romantic Smile), visited many number of castles and imagined myself in so many situations over so many years, you would actually think I was addled!

But honestly, it is what it is. We as humans always want to escape the melodrama of our reality and place ourselves elsewhere- if not in person, then in mind. So here is what happened to me this week, well actually it started last weekend- my longtime dear love decided he had a present for me- you know a gift sort of (in his mind) but really, what he meant was he had the present for me (not the past, nor the future). So here I was in the middle of one of the best regency books written and crying my heart out (the hero is such a numbskull thwarting and hurting the beautiful yet sensible heroine- really, it is such a tragedy), when my dl decided it was the right time to announce his amazing gift to me.

He goes ‘babe- I have decided to get you a personal training package’

Me: Uh-huh (still absorbed and cursing the sick hero who has no feelings as he tramples on his beautiful wife’s heart)

DL: You okay with that?

Me: Huh (Crazy hero- if only I were there to teach him a lesson)

DL: Actually, I purchased this package for me but the trainer is hardcore and I just can’t do it but since I paid for it, either I can transfer or forego)

Me: Oh yeah totally understandable (If the heroine refuses to see the hero or let him touch her after debasing her and cheating on her- totally understandable- I wonder what took her so long)

DL: Oh, you are a life saver babe!

Me: Of course! (Of course- She needs to be strong and salvage her heart the best she can)

DL: It starts Monday morning- the first thing in the morning

Me: Uh? I’m looking him in the eye and thinking what is he all about?

DL: Is that okay? Do I sign you up?

Me: Yeah whatever! (Whatever to get him off my back so I can peacefully go back to reading without him hovering over me and asking me questions)

After a couple of hours…. He lets me know- ‘All done babe- his name is Sam’

Me: What? But his name is Andrew? Wait….Whose name?

DL: Who’s Andrew? Sam is the trainer.

Me: Who trainer?

DL: Who Andrew? The personal trainer

Me: Whose personal trainer?

By now, my dear love was all confused and he said a little more forcefully than he should ‘ YOUR personal trainer’

Me: I have a personal trainer? Since when?

DL: Since a few hours ago…since you said yes! Who is Andrew?

Me: Since I said yes??? Are you hallucinating?

His expression told me he really wasn’t happy with me- Well, I wasn’t backing out. I did not need a personal trainer, maybe I did- just a little but still, not something someone pushes off on you!

DL: Babe, who is Andrew?

Me: the guy from the book- you know the one who is crazy and a dimwit that he actually had to…… DL: Okay, okay…. (he really does not like my books)

He finally softens up and explained to me my own doing. So, this week I slugged out at the gym with the personal trainer who was as tough as a Spartan and well, I transported myself to the regency love story. Every kick, every punch, every push up was directed at the hero and my dl!!

Moral of this story, while getting away to a different time and place would be a wonderful thing, not living in the present can actually complicate things far more than we might like. I am relating this little incident to our life in general. Dreaming of a future, of better days, better people, better circumstances, better things are just that- dreams! Not unless we stay in our present and work through whatever it is that makes us want to dream of the better stuff can we actually achieve our dreams!

With every aching muscle in my body, I am launching myself into another regency story, only this time- I am going to have my wits about me Cool



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JD | 21 September 2016, 9:27am

I played this fun icebreaker somewhere- you know the kind that provokes you to thinking and you realize how sometimes the most insignificant things can make the most impact….Anywho, of the crazy 20 some questions, these were the ones that really got me thinking….

Characteristic you admire in others….

Easy enough question right? Do not like honesty, well at least not all the times- really, sometimes just be a friend, co- worker whatever. Do not like smugness- really, you are not that awesome! Do not like pretense- I know being transparent can be hard and sometimes unnecessary but pretending to be someone else or do something else is not my cup of tea. Do not like overbearing people- we are equals. But what I do like is when you find something to compliment about the other person- it makes you see the real person beneath their smug or domineering or honest or overbearing personality!

If God were to grant me one wish….

I’d wish to be a bird and fly away! No! Just kidding!

I’d go King Solomon’s way- ask for wisdom. Being wise can make you wealthy, maybe healthy too if you are wise enough early on, it can give you peace and understanding! They say with age comes wisdom. What I ask for is to be young and wise! Yup! Definitely, wisdom Smile

One place that brings you closer to God…

This was one question I did not need to waste my brain cells on. I love the mountains. The clean air, the exertion to get to the top, the panoramic views- I feel like I am closer to heaven. I choose mountains over the beach, the city, the country, over anything any day!

What is your earliest memory…

I remember my dad carrying me all the way up to the 8th floor that we lived in. This is such a precious memory to me- not because I was a baby or because I lived in a high rise building but because I can still see my dad as a young man holding his precious baby. Tears of joy moment!

If your life was made into a movie, what genre would it be?...

Now this was one of those ‘Oh my god’ moments. If they had asked me ‘what genre would you want your life to be made into’, I had the answer- adventure! But reflecting on what it already was- I had more drama than anything else. Drama- a good dose of romance- drama- a little bit of action- drama- some adventure- drama- drama- load of comedy- drama- drama again! This is my homework- fill my life with adventure and comedy! There you go- I revise- comedy and adventure, adventure and comedy Wink

Well, most of you know a big chunk of my life now, down to my first beginnings and my future plans…

This is your homework- what are your answers?




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